The perfect loving and smart environment for your little one

The French Montessori Preschool is expending ! moving in a beautiful and very charming site, and opening 4 classrooms in September, for childen 2 to 5 years old. You can send your information to be on the wait list now, and tour the new facility in July.
Preschool is located in the heart of North Park, San Diego
The French Montessori preschool is a non-profit, non-discriminatory school for all children, age from 2 to 5 years old.                           





high quality of education

And this is not just saying. When you pass the door of the preschool, we take care of your child with love, respect, and the key word is to listen to every child, individually, at all time. we encourage independance, and to do so, we observe and follow every of our little students, one by one, with patience. Here, we are dedicated, and we truly care. More than a preschool or a daycare, here is a second home for your child, where he feels loved, where he laughs and learns


Green is Good

here, we care about environment, and we learn about eating healthy and organic, taking care of plants and animals, respect nature and the others as well as ourselves, recycling, saving energy, and taking care of our planet is a priority. We like gardening as well- planting flowers, growing fruit and veggies in the yard, and get to know where is the food we eat from. Yes, we are green!


a typical day

Starting on the morning with a fruit and cereals breakfast, we share a circle time moment, sometimes in French and sometimes in spanish. Days, numbers, colors, and tchit tchat. Then, it is a classroom time, a uninterrupted work period, fully Montessori oriented. Classic music is played, and children are exposed to the Montessori material, using it in group or individually. Children select their material freely, and become absorbed in their work. Concentration, critical thinking, problem solving, exploration and creativity is definitely encouraged here! Then it's an outdoor time, for more than an hour, running, playing with the sandbox, the little house, slide and tricycle.Time for lunch,  followed by a yoga class and nap time, to rest the mind and the body. Waking up, with a sport class, followed by a French class. Then, a good snack. Already time to clean up, Mummy and daddy will be here soon!