The perfect loving and smart environment for your little one

                                                      2 small classrooms, 12 children total
                                                      3 teachers ( french, english and spanish)
                          Because of it success, the French Montessori preschool is full with a long waiting list. To be enrolled in the futur, please call or email in June. Thank you !


high quality of education

And this is not just saying. When you pass the door of the preschool, we take care of your child with love, respect, and the key word is to listen every child, individually, at all time. we encourage independance, and to do so, we observe and follow every of our little students, one by one, with patience. Here, we are dedicated, and we truly care. More than a preschool or a daycare, here is a second home for your child, where he feels loved, where he laughs and learns


Green is Good

here, we care about environment, and we learn about eating healthy and organic, taking care of plants and animals, respect nature and the others as well as ourselves, recycling, saving energy, and taking care of our planet is a priority. There's a cute little guinea pig in the classroom, called Paris. She loves to be held and pet. Every child has a day where he is the one who take care of her, the food, the water. Paris is so happy with fresh salad and apples, she will show it to you making a lot of cute noises!  Paris is the children's pet, not mine :) Yes, we are green!


a typical day

Starting on the morning with a fruit and cereals breakfast, we share a circle time moment, sometimes in French and sometimes in spanish. Days, numbers, colors, and tchit tchat. Then , it is a classroom time. Going to the play kitchen, using blocks, reading, painting, using the Montessori material, everyone is FREE. Every morning, a manual activity is introduce to the children. They decide to participate, or not (most of the time, everyone wants to do it!). Then it's an outdoor time in the yard, for more than an hour, running, playing with the sandbox, the little house, slide and trampoline.Time for a good and healthy lunch, barely all organic,  followed by a nap time, to rest the mind and the body. waking up, a good snack. Then already time to clean up, Mummy and daddy will be here soon!